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May 19, 2021
In Minecraft Forum
Get ready to see some changes! Grummville is beginning to outgrow our small community. We need to make some changes that might help everyone become more included in the wonderful world of Grummville. The first being would be renovating our discord server. It is pretty basic right now. Some of our plans for it would be: • Making a bot • Deleting our personal conversations • Creating more rooms and resources Another change that is happening to Grummville is the public recreation project! With this we are going to be creating a new Grummville! This will be for the community. We will still keep the one we have now and it will be renamed GrummvilleCreative. But with the public recreation project we will be... • Creating a professional look with a theme • Taking better security measures (we all know all the trolls that sneak into the world and spam TNT everywhere!) • Making more of the feel of a city rather than a town Lastly, I want to tell everyone to spread the word! Grummville is opening to the public soon! I hope all if you agree with this decision. If not please message me on discord.
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